Why hire a wedding co-ordinator?

Where do we begin!? There are so many myths and misconceptions about what a wedding planner does that we thought we would answer some of the most common ones to help answer this question:

1. Why would I pay someone when I can just organise it myself?  

With the convenience of the internet many couples think that planning a wedding is a matter of finding your suppliers online and booking them for your wedding day. While this is an option, it does not necessarily mean that the supplier or vendor will suit the style of your wedding and the end result can often be a messy mix-and-match type affair. The average wedding takes around 200-250 hours to plan and no bride wants her wedding to be average!

A wedding planner can help bring to life the style, look and mood of your wedding. We know the best suppliers and vendors in the industry and how much things should cost. We know what works in what venue and how to personalise your wedding to make it unique to you. Use your wedding planners expertise to make sure your wedding is remembered for all the right reasons.

2. The venue we have booked has a co-ordinator; do we really need a wedding co-ordinator too?  

The venue co-ordinator is there to look after venue related aspects such as what menu is being served and how many chairs and tables you will require. A good venue co-ordinator may even provide you with a list of suppliers they work with, but this is where their involvement ends. They will not be able to tell you what flowers are in season, negotiate contracts, work with your budget, provide you with creative ideas, meet suppliers on your behalf or any of the other million things that a wedding co-ordinator will do for you.

3. It’s seems expensive, we can’t afford to hire someone.

Hiring a good wedding co-ordinator can often times pay for itself (depending on the services you book) just with the discounts or free products and services they are able to receive. Plus you can relax knowing that your wedding is being handled by a professional who is seeking the best products and services at the best prices possible. Everybody wins!

Why choose Fresh Event Design?

While many event co-ordinators focus on making events visually appealing, at Fresh Event Design we work to engage all five senses into our events. We understand that the sounds, smells, tastes and textures of your event are an equally important factor in creating atmosphere and memories.

Whether it be a birthday, corporate function, wedding or workshop we aim to fully immerse your guests in the essence of your event to create a unique and memorable experience. We can also guide you through the process of co-ordinating your event so each aspect flows seamlessly into the next to keep your guests entertained and hanging out for more.

Where and when do you meet with clients?

We endeavour to work with a time and place that suits you, whether that be in your home, office, a cafe or via skype. In the case of weddings we do prefer our initial consultation to be in a home environment as it makes it easier to get a feel for your personality, style and background and will often produce some great ideas. Any further consultations can then take place either in your home or a mutually convenient meeting place.

How often will Fresh Event Design update me on the progress of my event? 

This is completely up to you! During our initial consultation we will work out how often you would like to be contacted and by what method (phone or email) to keep you updated of your event. Should you need to contact us in between you can call or email at any time and we will aim to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for? Head to our “contact us” page and send us a message.